KOTTOYA' is an antique shop, specialised in Japanese blades where you can buy, have consultancies on and polishing and restore done. In the shop you can find tachi, katana, wakizashi and tanto but also rare weapons such as ya (arrows) , yumi (archs), yari (spear of a single point) and other lance arms.

Moreover, armours and all the pieces of the Kodogu are shown; sword fittings and all the metal parts of the complete mounting for the blade: tsuba, menuki, kozuka, kogai, fuchi and kashira

Available on line in Kottoya?s web site the list - in alphabetical order - of the most important Japanese swordsmith makers. For each Kaji all the following details are quoted: mei (signature), main work location, data (certain or reliable) and a value of the blade, if more than two shaku long (equal to 60,6 cm). For free Kottoya is happy to send you the Kanji of the mei or the translation of the signature of your nipponto . Please feel free to ask for it now luca@kottoya.eu


KOTTOYA' is specialised in Japanese weapons but trades in Japanese antiques of any periods. In the show room you find items all the major Japanese art categories like for example, kakemono (scrolls), ukiyo-e (xylographic polychrome prints), netsuke, urushi (lacquers) inro, cloisonne, metal/bronze sculptures, okinomono and further more, always with a particular attention to the quality . KOTTOYA' was funded and is managed by Luca Piatti, who has more than 20years of experience in the Antique Business.
Every single piece is sold with an expertise and a detailed description. Kottoya is in Milan down town, very closed to the Scala Theatre, less than 5min walking along via Verdi.

By car, please note via dell?Orso is one way, from via Cusani to via Monte di Piet?


disegno originale di Oscar Ratti

  KOTTOYA' ? un negozio di antiquariato giapponese specializzato nel commercio delle armi maneggiate dai samurai; le spade in vendita sono di periodo koto, shinto, shinshinto, gendaito e shinsakuto, nell? ultimo caso, si pu?commissionare, in Italia, la lama voluta al kaji contemporaneo desiderato. Nello spazio espositivo sono visibili: tachi, katana, wakizashi e ...


versione italiana


  KOTTOYA' は、日本刀を専門にした日本の骨董品を取り扱うお店です。販売、コンサルタント、日本刀の修復・研磨を行っております . 店内の展示空間では、大刀、刀、脇差、短刀を陳列しております。またその他に競売対象ともなる矢先、弓、槍、武具など大変に珍しい品々も取り揃えております...

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